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Transition sentences be damned

Friends! Romans! Country fried steak! Time for you to opine. You know those tuxedo t-shirts? I’m trying to find one of those… in bike jersey form. Good idea? Bad idea? Lame? Nerdy? I’m considering trying to grow out a mini-mustache … Continue reading

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“Hey man, you’re a talking goat”

I’m slowly realizing that the GNU people are just a bunch of hippies. What proof have I? They’re all about freedom, and fighting the man. Their mascot is unbelievably high. Is that not the most high wildebeest you’ve ever seen?

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If you were any 2d geometric figure, which 2d geometric figure would you be and why? Responses will be graded on a rubric from 0-6. It is not possible for a response to be good enough to warrant a 6, … Continue reading

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C# Instant Messenger Update: I can sign online and show up in other peoples buddy lists now. I have a lot of placeholder functions for the basic families. I think I’ll probably flesh those out a bit so I can … Continue reading

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I love the pictures on the boxes of Nerds.

I’ve been working on my C# IM program a bit. It really is nice to use an OO language for this. Development is SO much faster. I thought about asking the Galaxium people if they’d be interested in turning their … Continue reading

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I ate a jig old beanut putter and belly sandwhich.

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This is going to bore you more than it’s going to bore me.

What’s the difference between a license and a copyright? The license determines how other people are allowed to use the software. Are they allowed to install it on multiple computers? Allowed to copy it? Allowed to give it to friends? … Continue reading

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Dear Diary

I Vertical Edged tonight. It was good. Baby steps to the top of my nemesis. Soon my pet, soon! Climbing always makes me awaker and less bleh. In other news, here’s my interpretation of The Neverending Story: The movie begins … Continue reading

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