Transition sentences be damned

Friends! Romans! Country fried steak! Time for you to opine.

You know those tuxedo t-shirts? I’m trying to find one of those… in bike jersey form. Good idea? Bad idea? Lame? Nerdy?

I’m considering trying to grow out a mini-mustache and the little patch of hair under under the middle of my lip down to my chin in true pirate-esque style. Good idea? Bad idea? Foolhearty? Too piratey?

At work on Friday I was shaking the last few drops of water out of my mug, and I was holding the handle, and shaking vigorously, and the mug ripped away from the handle and shot onto the floor, posthaste. Pretty gnarly, huh?

Remember romping around Mêlée Island with Guybrush Threepwood? Meeting Governor Elaine Marley? Drinking grog before it ate through the mug? Those were the days.

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