This is going to bore you more than it’s going to bore me.

What’s the difference between a license and a copyright?

The license determines how other people are allowed to use the software. Are they allowed to install it on multiple computers? Allowed to copy it? Allowed to give it to friends? Allowed to make changes and release them to the public? Etc.

The copyright determines the group of people who determine the license. If the copyright of a piece of software is in my name, then I determine if other people are allowed to copy the software, or redistribute it. Etc.

At least… that’s my interpretation. is pretty cool

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  1. modified says:

    Who holds the copyright on Gaim source? Do you request that patchers relinquish their copyright?

  2. eliggy says:


    I think he was talking about that link being hot. because it’s HOT!

    That is some mad crazy breakdancing. Must have really really good upper body strength to do that… I can’t even imagine.

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