If you were any 2d geometric figure, which 2d geometric figure would you be and why? Responses will be graded on a rubric from 0-6. It is not possible for a response to be good enough to warrant a 6, and it is not possible for a response to be bad enough to warrant a 0.

You might say, “doesn’t that make the scale 1-5?” Yes, but if wanted to make sense we would just use 0-100%, like everywhere else in the world.

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8 Responses to Razzmatazz!

  1. salchichatu says:

    Me as a 2 dimensional figure.

    If I were a a 2-D geometric figure, I would be the frontal view of an inclined plane. I look like a square, but I have this whole other dimension that no one knows about.


    I accidentally typed SEX! the first time.

  2. sobeicedt says:

    I’d be a fractal

  3. John says:

    x*x + y*y = c*c

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