I love the pictures on the boxes of Nerds.

I’ve been working on my C# IM program a bit. It really is nice to use an OO language for this. Development is SO much faster. I thought about asking the Galaxium people if they’d be interested in turning their program into a multi-protocol client instead of just MSN, but then I changed my mind. It uses Gtk#, and I’d rather use Windows.Forms. I think it has a much more promising future, especially in regards to cross-platformness. It also didn’t look like they designed stuff from the ground-up to support multiple protocols. Although, really the only difference is calling things through an interface instead of directly… which I guess is pretty minor.

Anyhoo, I shuffled some files around and what not–fixed the directory structure. Installed nant and I’m using that to build/run now. Finished all authentication stuff (well, except SecurID). Have the basic connection negotiation mostly done. Now I just have to actually implement the classes for each SNAC family (buddy list, IM, chat, etc.) I’ve been working on buddy list first, because without that no one can see you online.

I totally dig how you can use raw HTML in livejournals.

And Emily? Freaking awesome!

I also found zx2c4-im and HELIUM IM. The first one says it makes lots of native Win32 API calls because .NET isn’t extensive enough. The second one has a ridiculously long web page, and looks like it was written as a project for a CS class. Which means it’s probably very bare-bones.

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