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Good managers are good motivators

Behind Emily and I at the game on Saturday there were a few guys. One of them (‘Tyrone’) apparently wasn’t having a lot of fun. When we started scoring points in the second half, one of his friends turned to … Continue reading

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Taking after Chris

If you want to sign up for the blockbuster dvd-by-mail thing use the promotional code “friends” for a 4 week trial instead of a 2 week trial. If you pay for anything at godaddy, try using the promotional code “saveten” … Continue reading

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Airplanes are neat?

Remember The first big web site with lyrics for MANY songs that you could search through, by artist, song name, album, or content? Remember how it had very few advertisements, and the creator of the site claimed the advertisements … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz

1. Do you think DVD cases are generally a pain in the ass to open? (And by “open” I of course mean “remove the 3 annoying sticker things on each edge of the box of a new DVD”) 2. Do … Continue reading

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The MixCD MixCD

I sorted my iTunes at work by play count. Here’s my top 15: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps (Amy and Michele) New Pornographers – Letter from an Occupant (Jeffrey) Caesars – Jerk It Out (Melanie)Annie – Heartbeat (Martin)Black Eyed Peas … Continue reading

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I guess I just like technology

Oh, and I recorded Rilo Kiley on Austin City Limits Saturday night using my new HD5000 HDTV tuner card in Linux. It’s an MPEG2 file with 704×480 video, and 2 channel AC3 audio. It’s about 26 minutes, and the file … Continue reading

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I got a Netflix subscription. Cool Hand Luke should be here Wednesday. The Producers should be here shortly thereafter. Other movies in the queue: The Maltese Falcon Cujo Mallrats Easy Rider One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Patton The Guns … Continue reading

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Yesterday Emily and I went to the taping of the final two episodes of the Jeopardy! College Tournament at the RBC Center. We had studenty tickets, so we were going to sit down on the floor, but then this usher … Continue reading

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