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1. Do you think DVD cases are generally a pain in the ass to open? (And by “open” I of course mean “remove the 3 annoying sticker things on each edge of the box of a new DVD”)
2. Do you think DVDs should be distributed in a case either identical to CD jewel cases, or possibly even something smaller?

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6 Responses to Pop Quiz

  1. amienowheels says:

    1) Not really
    2) No

    I can’t say I have much justification though

  2. Anonymous says:


    1. I can honestly say I haven’t noticed this.


    There are two very common types of cd cases, the regular and the slim version. Both are made of a plastic that is very brittle, and over the years I’ve thrown away enormous amounts of broken cd cases. Also most cd-towers only take the regular kind of cases, and not the slim ones.

    There is one generally accepted case for distributing DVD:s and CD-games, the (somewhat larger) DVD case. They are all the same size and form, and have enough space for some documentation that isn’t a pain to get in and out of the case. The plastic is also generally much more durable.

    All in all I really hope that everyone sticks to the new case. I would naturally like it to take up less space, but I really hope no one launces a slim model that again won’t fit in to the dvd towers.

    Having PC games and software, PS2 games, DVD-movies all using the same case instead of having cardboard boxes for games and software, some other odd case for movies with a large book, and everything else in those brittle cd cases is far from my idea of a good solution.

    Now if only I could start buying custom collections of music on dvd:s…

  3. My dad got this free DVD opener thing… it’s hard to describe, but it has razors in it and it’s designed to cut along the edge of DVDs to take those stickers off. So no, they’re not hard to remove.

    And I agree with the crazy anonymous person (because all anonymous people are crazy) that DVD cases aren’t as crappy as CD cases.

  4. salchichatu says:

    They’d still have annoying stickers even if they came in CD jewel cases.

    BUT I have noticed that they’re annoying to open. Especially when you’re dumb like me and try to remove the stickers before you remove the plastic wrap.

  5. Mark Doliner says:

    A bunch of counterpoints:

    You shouldn’t NEED a DVD opening thing–that’s just ridiculous.

    They could make normal CD cases out of less brittle plastic.

    The slim jewel cases fit in most CD racks–they’re usually just not as snug. But that argument is dumb because DVD cases don’t fit in ANY CD racks.

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