Yesterday Emily and I went to the taping of the final two episodes of the Jeopardy! College Tournament at the RBC Center. We had studenty tickets, so we were going to sit down on the floor, but then this usher guy was all like “How many are in your party?” and I was all like “two” and he was all like “step over here please” and I was all like “k.” Then he seated us in the 5th row with some other people. So that was neat.

And Alex Trebek is pretty funny. He was saying how if he stayed in town much longer he’d start talking with a Southern accent. And he told Jeff Foxworthy jokes. “If your good TV is sitting on top of your bad TV, you might be a redneck.” “If your front porch collapses and kills more than 7 dogs, you might be a redneck.” “Git her done!”

Also, I guessed the question to one of the final jeopardy answers after seeing only the category. I think the category was Britsh Poets. Who would you guess?

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  1. My favorite British poet is T.S. Eliot. But there are bunches of British poets. There’s not much to do in Britain, other than writing poetry.

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