Airplanes are neat?

Remember The first big web site with lyrics for MANY songs that you could search through, by artist, song name, album, or content? Remember how it had very few advertisements, and the creator of the site claimed the advertisements didn’t even pay for his operating costs? And then do you remember when the NMPA shut down because they accused the guy of making money of their protected content? And now there are thousands of incredibly shitty lyrics sites that DO make money off of protected content just because their websites are wallpapered with advertisements?

I suppose that even if had not been sued it still could have spiraled downhill and became another site wallpapered with advertisements.

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  1. eliggy says:

    i don’t actually remember that, i never even saw it…

    but i do go to lyrics sites all the time cause i always want to know what the words are so i can try to sing it right.

    a few years ago i’d started going to – but they are horrible. there is one site about song meanings that i like to go to sometimes cause i like to see what people think about the song lyrics – i don’t know the name of it but it’s something like or something. i can’t remember if that site has ads, but i think they all do, so most likely it does.

    • songchilde says:

      Michele, I completely agree! I’ve used letssingit for awhile but now I hate it – it ALWAYS has flashing ads and pop-ups. It is sooo annoying!

      • eliggy says:

        Well did you guys also know that you can keep your lyrics in iTunes? I found that out last time I updated. So once you find those lyrics, copy and paste them into the file info on the song in iTunes and you’ll never have to look for them online again.

  2. benllawson says:

    Is it a faux pas to post something completely unrelated as a comment? If so, then consider me rude and French!

    What is the username/password for the address wiki website you were doing? You can email the response to blawson at cmu dot edu.

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