Trump vs. Clinton

I voted for Clinton/Kaine. Clinton is the only qualified presidential candidate on the ballot. There are things I don’t like about Clinton, but…

Donald Trump is a worthless piece of shit. A lying [1][2][3], impulsive, megalomaniac, garbage excuse for a human being. The leader of a country should be: Intelligent. Thoughtful. Measured. Patient. Respectable. Sympathetic to opposing viewpoints. Credible. Trump is none of these. He regularly insults[4] huge portions of the population. No one benefits from these things, he’s just being an asshole. This does not engender collaboration.

It’s great that people are unhappy with our legislature. I respect that. The Senate and House function poorly because of over-adherence to party lines and pandering to corporate and wealthy interests (and spending absurd amounts of time raising money[5][6][7][8]). I’d love for members of the legislature to vote based on the best interests of their constituents rather than following party lines. These things suck and it would be great if they could change, but Trump is not the solution.

Would you want to work at a company where Trump was in charge? What if he was your immediate boss? Or a coworker? Do you think he would make sound, fair decisions?

There are reasonable ideas on Trump’s policies page, but I have no confidence he’d follow through on any of them. Everyone can agree that supporting the VA[9] is great, but increasing the size of the military [10] and aggressively pursuing ISIS [11] puts more of our soldiers in harm’s way. ISIS is a problem with no easy solution. I believe the benefit of building a 2,000 mile long wall on the Mexican border does not justify the cost (I’m skeptical of getting Mexico to pay for the wall). Also let’s not forget that it’s pretty easy to get over a wall with, you know, a ladder. Reducing government spending[12][13] is a noble cause, but it’s easier said than done.

Sure, there are things I don’t like about Clinton. I wish she’d own her mistakes instead of denying, hiding, and trivializing them[14]. I’m not at all confident that she doesn’t return favors for people who donate money to The Clinton Foundation, or her campaign, or who do favors for her. But these negative traits are trivial compared to Trump’s pattern of abuse and incivility.

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