USS Hornet

On Saturday, Emily, Ruby and I visited the USS Hornet, a decommissioned Essex Class Navy aircraft carrier moored in Alameda, California. You get free reign to wander the flight deck, hanger deck, and a deck or two below. The passageways are cold metal, strewn with gauges, levers and knobs. Ceilings are low and stairs are steep. In addition to wandering, we also took a loosely-guided tour of the island, which I enjoyed.

Overall I thought it was great. Would recommend. A+++. Great shipping. Not stroller or wheelchair friendly. I think kids would like it, though they should be young enough to be worn or old enough to climb a ladder on their own safely.

You can see all our pictures on Flickr. Here’s a sampling:

USS Hornet (CV-12)

USS Hornet (CV-12) island

USS Hornet (CV-12) Primary Flight Control


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