Blimps and Stealth Planes

I saw a zeppelin floating around outside of our office today. One of these guys. This was notable because it’s totally random. How often do you see a zeppelin?!

And then I remembered that one time when I was in camp when I was like 7 we saw a B-2 Spirit (or possibly an F-117 Nighthawk) fly above us. I think maybe the camp was near Seymour Johnson Air Force Base? This was notable because it was a triangular airplane, and they only made 21 of them.

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  1. eliggy says:

    I meant to reply to this when you first posted but I didn’t have time – I heard about this a while back, and this is how it happened.

    I was looking at the weather when I saw this link:

    which prompted me to watch this link:

    and then when I checked the news, I saw this one:

    So when you posted I was like “I heard of that!”

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