What is a Toboggan?


Recently we realized that using the word “toboggan” to refer to a winter hat (or “tuque”) is a very southern thing. A toboggan is a flat wooden sled that curves up and over at the front.

Also, here’s a list of awesome shows Fox has canceled:

  • Arrested Development
  • Family Guy
  • Firefly
  • Futurama
  • Sliders
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2 Responses to What is a Toboggan?

  1. pjmartin says:

    I really liked Firefly. Tommy and I watched the whole season of it a few months ago. I want to watch more!

    • benllawson says:

      Hell Yeah! I love the intro song. I should learn that on my banjo. Along with the Scrubs song. Oh Firefly, how I miss you. There’s a speakeasy theatre here that shows Firefly episodes.

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