For Thanksgiving Emily and I drove up to Davis, CA to spend some time with Emily’s sister Kelly and Kelly’s husband Derrick. We had some turkey and other Thanksgiving paraphernalia. I thought it was pretty grand (although it sounds like it pales in comparison to Tommy and Penney’s feast: link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4 and link 5).

Then on Friday we drove down to Bishop, CA and camped with some fellow climbers (Bob and Sandy from meebo, and others from the local climbing gym). The temperature got down to at least 24 degrees F. The landscape there is pretty barren. There is an abundance of pictures from the trip here and here. I’m not in too many of them because some people were there for all of Thanksgiving week and we were only there for a day.

Three songs I’ve been listening to a lot recently are
1. Here Comes Your Man, by The Pixies
2. New Shoes, by Paolo Nutini
3. Silver Lining, by Rilo Kiley

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  1. Sweet, we’ve cornered the Thanksgiving link market.

    Oooh! One of these years we’re all going to have to recreate Alex’s extraordinary all-friends Thanksgiving that we had back in the undergrad days.

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