I like having a really simple ring tone for my cellular tel. Phones are supposed to make beeping noises, not play music! MIDI files are perfect for this. A midi file is a song, but it’s not a recording of the song. The file specifies the notes and instruments and stuff that should be used to play the song. My past few cell phones have supported using them as ring tones–I think it’s pretty common.

Recently I downloaded some midi files of songs I thought would make good ring tones, then edited the files to make them simpler by removing all but one or two instruments and shortening the song to be just the part I want. You can download my bastardized ring tones from here:


It contains (small pieces of) the following songs:

  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind theme
  • Price is Right theme
  • Song from the NES game Rad Racer (also the Strong Bad Japanese Cartoon e-mail)
  • Smashing Pumpkins – Today
  • The Saint theme
  • The Scorpions – Winds of Change
  • One of the songs from the NES game Zelda 2
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