Arun was here for the past few days. On Saturday I met him, Martin and John Stanley up in San Francisco for dinner. It was fun. Arun gave me a gift that he brought back from Thailand. It’s a pretty rockin’ digital watch.

Also, I ordered one of the new iPod Shuffles. It arrived on Friday. I like it. It’s about the size of a matchbook and holds 1 GB of music.

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4 Responses to Toys

  1. songchilde says:

    I got a Shuffle too for when I go running. Rockin’.

  2. cpandar says:

    i do love my shuffle. =) i don’t like the 3 seconds required to turn hold on and off, but other than that it’s fantastic.

  3. mxreb0 says:

    I got one of those ipods too. It’s the best.
    Is that watch from the future or something??

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