I’ve finally gotten around to fixing my music server. One of the four hard drives died on my gourney out here, but thanks to the excellence of RAID 5 I haven’t lost any data (yet, anyway). Well, technically there are five hard drives in this computer: one for the OS and four for the data. Pretty ridiculous, hey?

I’ve finally gotten around to installing NFS on my Buffalo TeraStation 1.0 TB. It’s really not that bad… if that company knew what they were doing they would include NFS themselves. Fools.

Anyway, so now I’ll be able to listen to all my old music again without having to dig through my CDs. Yay. And shortly I’ll be selling a long list of computer stuff on craigslist, including six hard drives, four computer cases, three motherboards, some video cards… dear lord I’ve accumulated way too much computer stuff.

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6 Responses to Compupers

  1. mxreb0 says:

    How long did it take for the raid to rebuild that drive?

  2. gdoliner says:

    I didn’t know you were into computers…

  3. I saw the sign I saw the siiieeiieeiign I-saw-the-sign!

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