Four Square!

You know those red rubber playground balls that you used to play kickball with in elementary school? We have some of those at meebo. I’m not exactly sure why… (maybe to rest your feet on, so that you move your legs around while sitting at your desk?)

And our new carpet is in squares that are about 4 feet by 4 feet. So we’ve started playing Four Square. Four Square is perhaps the game I enjoyed most while in elementary school. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

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5 Responses to Four Square!

  1. benllawson says:

    I think 4-square was also one of the high lights of my elementary school playground forays.

  2. gdoliner says:

    I used to rock the four-square block in middle school during lunch. That was my ish.

  3. salchichatu says:

    Damn it! I bought one of those balls for you a while ago, and was going to mail it to you, but you already have several. Lame!

    And, I don’t know about elementary school, but I definitely played four-square every day during middle school lunch.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What have you coded like there’s no tomorrow?

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