An open-source shout out!

Time for me to holler about a fantastic bit o’ open source software. It’s a program called Meld. It is by far the best graphical diff displaying tool I’ve ever seen. It’s simple, pretty, and functional.

And now for some opinions about road design:
* I like how at intersections in NC the white line that you’re not supposed to stop in front of is very wide. Intersections in CA just have two normal sized lines for the crosswalk. The wide line is more clear.
* I think it’s important to always paint lines between lanes. In some places in CA reflectors and colored, raised bumps are used in place of painted lines. I think visible lines are much more noticeable.
* All of the on/off ramps on highway 101 seem to split off from the main road for a small stretch while cars are entering/exiting/merging. This used to bug me, but now I think I like it. I think it helps make the flow of traffic smoother.

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2 Responses to An open-source shout out!

  1. That’s interesting that they accept donations in the form of CDs. Music makes them code better I suppose.

    I think that extended on/off ramps are generally better for traffic flow. There still has to be enough space to merge back into traffic after the line stops being solid though.

  2. gdoliner says:

    you only like meld because it has your initials.

    screw acceleration lanes! can you say BORING???

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