“…it has been 36 days since my last donut”

I received today a summons to appear in court in NC. Apparently they compensate you with $12 per day for the first 5 days, and $30 a day thereafter. That’s freaking insulting. I’m looking forward to calling and telling them I’m living in an altered state of existence. I can picture it now… they’ll be all, “WTF?”

I ate so much Indian food today that every meal I eat henceforth will be but mediocre. At one point I think the crown of my head was sweating. It was bananas. Speaking of which, I’m going to go eat those, because I don’t think they’ll make it another day.

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  1. whatsupdawgs says:

    That’s a weird coincidence. I have, sitting in front of me, a jury summons of my own. Unlike you though, I will still be here on the allotted day, so I will be going.

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