Crazy Busy

Wow a lot has happened the past week or two.

Me and Emily
Emily surprised me and came a whole week early. It was pretty sweet. Emily called me Thursday afternoon and I walked outside so as not to disturb the coworkers. I said, “Is that you across the street…?” She said yes and then I ran over and hugged her. It was like something out of a movie. But NOT the movie Predator, because there’s not a lot of hugging in that movie. She peaced out yesterday (Tuesday) morning. It was a pretty rockin’ weekend. I took a few pictures.

When Emily and I first started hanging out two years ago we sometimes watched comedians on Comedy Central. One of them, Demetri Martin, is especially hilarious.

Yesterday Meebo released a thing that lets you place a little IM window on your website, and people can use it to send you messages and chat with you. I think it’s pretty sweet. I’ve put one up on my website. Feel free to use it to IM me. Parents, you may want to bookmark that link.

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4 Responses to Crazy Busy

  1. benllawson says:

    Those pictures were pretty awesome. I liked the flower pics (especially the first rose) and the sunset and several other ones. You’re a really good photographer.

  2. salchichatu says:

    Sweet! I’ve been looking for a recording of that Demetri Martin thing for a while.

  3. pjmartin says:

    You guys look so happy! Feel free to surprise me with a visit too Emily

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