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I’m on my feet I’m on the floor I’m good to go

The gas station on the corner of Western Blvd and Avent Ferry Rd, just across the street from NCSU is awesome. I’ve been getting maintenance done there on my car recently. Their prices are great, they’ve always been able to … Continue reading

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I’m nitpicky

Really, why doesn’t my credit card remember that every time I buy gasoline I select “Yes, I want a receipt”? And having to sign credit card receipts is stupid.

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“A strongly-named assembly is required.”

This entry will bore all of you except for maybe Tommy. This is a .NET related error. Strongly named assemblies (aka signed assemblies) can only reference other strongly named assemblies. Strongly named assemblies can not reference simply named assemblies (aka … Continue reading

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I found a place in Palo Alto. The building could be nicer, but the location is great and I like the neighborhood. It’s 315 Hawthorne Ave, Palo Alto, CA. Should be fun. My biggest concern about the place is that … Continue reading

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I, vory, lines, lead, ooh wa-ohh

Bands I will miss this summer because I won’t be around: Arrested Development, Spin Doctors, Candlebox, Gin Blossoms When fixing a bug in a bit of code, one thing you should ALWAYS ask yourself is, “Have I made this same … Continue reading

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My Schedule

I’m going to be busy for the rest of my life: May 13th – Bike 40 miles (in preparation for next Saturday) then help Emily move May 14th to 17th – Fly to Palo Alto and find somewhere to live … Continue reading

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I’m moving to Palo Alto!

I’m sure a lot of you have already heard, but I decided to take a job with Meebo. They’re making a web-based instant messaging program. It currently uses Gaim on the backend. I’ll be leaving Cary on May 31st and … Continue reading

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You gotta fight, for your right, …

I kinda feel like I code better after I’ve had a tiny bit to drink. I feel like I get distracted less. Normally I’ve got all kinds of stuff popping up and blinking. Whirligigs going off every which way. Dogs … Continue reading

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