I’m nitpicky

Really, why doesn’t my credit card remember that every time I buy gasoline I select “Yes, I want a receipt”? And having to sign credit card receipts is stupid.

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  1. It bugs me when I go to buy a bagel and they ask to see my ID when I use by debit card as a credit card. I mean, it’s $4, I come in there about once a week, do they think that I bumped off some guy and I’m hitting up all the neighborhood shops for breakfast until I’ve filled my belly on his dime?

  2. As annoying as it might be, having worked in retail a few different places now, you’d be amazed what people will refute. “You charged me an extra $.14, I want a refund.” The cool thing is, as soon as they sign that paper, they can’t really do anything. Businesses just have to cover themselves against stupid people.

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