My Schedule

I’m going to be busy for the rest of my life:
May 13th – Bike 40 miles (in preparation for next Saturday) then help Emily move
May 14th to 17th – Fly to Palo Alto and find somewhere to live
May 20th and 21st – Assault on Marion (70 mile bike ride in mountains), Emily’s birthday
May 25th to 29th – Climbing trip to New River Gorge
May 30th – Rent and load a UHaul
May 31st to June 8th – Drive to Palo Alto, unpack, buy a few new pieces of furniture, return uhaul
June 12th – Start working at Meebo

I also need to sell some things (old stereo and some furniture), find someone to rent out my apartment, review Gaim summer of code applications, change my address everywhere, etc…

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