“Six Pixels” would be a good name for an anarchist geek rock band.

Does anyone else think “Napper Tandy’s” is a stupid name?

Unauthorized wiretaps on civilians? Shipping off suspected terrorists to secret torture facilities in other countries? A president who thinks he’s above the law? Anyone else starting to feel like they’re living in a fascist regime?

“You don’t believe in all this cold fusion mumbo jumbo, do you?”

I’m going on a snowboarding day-trip tommorrow.

Five quirky habits:

1. I almost never take naps. I did maybe three times in high school. I don’t like sleeping during the day. It makes me all groggy. I don’t sleep very well in airplanes or cars, either.

2. Uh, I drink a lot of water. Like, maybe a gallon a day? Is that a lot?

3. I use proper capitalization in IMs and emails (capitalizing the first letter of sentences and proper nouns)

4. I was raised on the arctic tundra.

5. Today I found out that someone at work has never eaten a banana and had never had a strawberry until about a month ago.

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  1. salchichatu says:

    Mark’s REAL five quirky habits:

    1. He says “Oh” when he has no idea what you are talking about.
    2. He eats cereal sans milk.
    3. He makes EVERYONE take their shoes off at the door, even when he’s throwing a party ;-)
    4. He is a little bit valley girl, in that sometimes his statements go up at the end like questions. It’s confusing!
    5. He gets this look in his eye when he sees a building with good texture and then I know he is going to try to climb it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “I was raised on the arctic tundra.”
    A quirky habit? I think not.

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