Emily and I watched The Machinist last night and Unbreakable today. I like both of them a lot. The Machinist reminded me of Fight Club, but I liked it more. I felt like the story unfolded throughout the movie, instead of being all lumped near the end. But I haven’t seen Fight Club in a while.

I’d seen Unbreakable before, but I’ve been thinking about it some and wanted to watch it again. Aside from maybe being a little slow, I think it’s my favorite M. Night Shyamalan movie, but I haven’t seen Signs.

I have the entire week off of work and I feel like I haven’t done a freaking thing. I’m so slack. Although my MythTV box is almost fully working. Some of the bigger problems are: The gamepads aren’t recognized correctly by the kernel. The output to the TV isn’t HD. I’m using digital optical audio out, but it’s only in stereo because NVidia is lame and their onboard audio out isn’t fully supported by Linux.

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  1. Penney and I watched The Machinist a few weeks ago. I thought it was just OK. I guess it went too slow for me and what you finally figure out was just too ehh, so that’s what was going on.

    I definitely think that Unbreakable is better than Signs. I’m not sure if I like it more than The Sixth Sense though, I’d like to see it again. I’m probably biased since we talked about The Sixth Sense in one of my film classes so we went over all of the cool things about it.

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