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Prompted by a mailing list thread…

Writing a good application is not just about including the features people want, and it’s not about writing documentation so that people know how to use those features. It is about including features such that they don’t need documentation. For … Continue reading

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Emily and I watched The Machinist last night and Unbreakable today. I like both of them a lot. The Machinist reminded me of Fight Club, but I liked it more. I felt like the story unfolded throughout the movie, instead … Continue reading

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“Six Pixels” would be a good name for an anarchist geek rock band. Does anyone else think “Napper Tandy’s” is a stupid name? Unauthorized wiretaps on civilians? Shipping off suspected terrorists to secret torture facilities in other countries? A president … Continue reading

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Gaim normally averages between 5 and 10 bug reports+feature requests a day. Since we released the beta on Saturday, we’ve averaged about 90. If you’ve ever wanted to help out an open source project, now is your chance! (Bug triage, … Continue reading

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KingAnt’s bits are showing!

We released Gaim 2.0.0 beta 1. Try it if you’re curious Windows or Other. I think it’s pretty stable. And people seem to like it. Jim Carrey and Téa Leoni in a movie together? It’s a dream come true! I … Continue reading

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“Writing in my gournal”

My phone at work as the following buttons: shift, transfer, test, conf, mute, drop, speaker, and hold. My phone at work does NOT have the following buttons: redial. Seriously. No redial button. Hundred dollar telephone and you can’t even freaking … Continue reading

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jdom is spectacular. I really hate using any other XML in Java stuff, it’s such a freaking pain. Does iChat AV in OS X 10.4 not allow you to sign on to an AIM account at multiple locations? Why?

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NC Zoo

Emily and Rachel and I went to the NC Zoo yesterday, and it was good. We were afeared that, because of the cold weather outside, the abidals would be inside. Pictures. That monkey REALLY wanted my Skittles.

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