“Writing in my gournal”

My phone at work as the following buttons: shift, transfer, test, conf, mute, drop, speaker, and hold.

My phone at work does NOT have the following buttons: redial.

Seriously. No redial button. Hundred dollar telephone and you can’t even freaking use redial. Who designs this trash? It’s an Avaya 8405D+, if you’re in the market for phones to not buy.

Anyway, the first disc of the 10,000 Maniacs compilation set Campfire Songs is really good. The song “What’s the Matter Here?” is especially amazing.

Two open source projects I’d like to help with if I had free time: dvb-apps and FCE Ultra. dvb-apps is a collection of tools for using HDTV cards in Linux. I’m not sure it’s packaged with any distributions, but it needs to be. It could also use some better documentation, man pages, better command line interface, configuration, etc. FCE Ultra is a Nintendo emulator. I’m not even sure if it’s still being worked on. I can’t find a homepage for it. It works really well though. It needs to be easier to configure. And should have the ability to exit the emulator using a button on the gamepad. Perhaps be able to interface with lircd. And it needs to be updated to use ALSA instead of OSS. Or maybe even gstreamer or libao or something.

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3 Responses to “Writing in my gournal”

  1. songchilde says:

    My phone didn’t have a set redial button. Rather, you pressed the speaker button twice and it redialed. Maybe your phone does something like that too.

  2. salchichatu says:

    Mine redials when I press pound. You could also try that.

  3. pjmartin says:


    Pg. 6, or top of pg. 3 if you consider that redialing.

    Hopefully the D+ doesn’t exclude itself from this document.

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