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Ninjas have feelings, too

Shredding a Couch. I just shaved my face. I bought a Gillette Sesor3 (3 blades). I’ve been using a Gillette SensorExcel for the past 10 years. I figure, they have four bladed razors now, time for me to enter the … Continue reading

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I left my wallet in The Second

Gross One time when I was younger (middle school (jr. high)) I had pink eye. And when I woke up, my eye was all covered in crusty eye stuff. Soooo much crusty eye stuff that I couldn’t even open my … Continue reading

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“Tell and Show” just doesn’t have the same ring to it

Today I Got some work done on Cobertura. I’ll probably test it at work a little bit on Monday then release 1.1. Bought new climbing shoes. I got Mad Rock Flashes. They were only $60, after my 20% off. And … Continue reading

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It makes me chuckle every time

sno-bot: Greetings, palm hand-helds make terrific gifts, so do digital cameras. lady customer: Nice price. customer: Excuse me, could you tell me about this scanner/fax/copier? sno-bot: NO! customer: But I want to get it for my brother. sno-bot: Get him … Continue reading

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