Ninjas have feelings, too

Shredding a Couch.

I just shaved my face. I bought a Gillette Sesor3 (3 blades). I’ve been using a Gillette SensorExcel for the past 10 years. I figure, they have four bladed razors now, time for me to enter the ’90s. There is actually a little bit of a difference. I definitely felt less like I was going to shave my skin off (that’s good).

And it turns out the handles are the same, they just have a different grip pattern. I should have just bought Sensor3 blades.

Maybe next time I’ll get something with four blades, if I’m feeling particularly manly.

I just tried to play the first Joydrop song but accidentally played the first Journey song. Mo Rockin!

“Yust a small town girl…” (this is not the first Journey song)

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5 Responses to Ninjas have feelings, too

  1. songchilde says:

    I heard somewhere that three-blade razors (for guys) end up causing skin problems later. Save your skin now, Mark, while you still can!!

    • Mark Doliner says:

      I did a little investigative reporting, and I didn’t see anything about three-bladed razors causing skin problems. HOWEVER, I did see some stuff that said you should shave when your skin is wet, because the hairs get cut easier. If your skin is dry the hairs could be pulled away from your face a little bit before they get cut, then they could go back under your skin and bad things happen.


  2. Dear Mark,

    Can I be your friend? You sure are cool.

    This is rachel, in case you’re confused.

    Also, can you explain to me why you have a little picture of a key next to your name in your user info page? What is a public key?

    • Mark Doliner says:

      Wait, why aren’t you my friend already? My brain must have had one of those bad things when I was adding friends.

      Hey, I have a public key! Neat. It’s used to send encrypted messages to people! Well, it could be, but I haven’t configured my email client for that. I guess I mostly just use it to sign Gaim RPMs and tarballs and what not. PGP keys let you sign things such that, if I sign something, and a lot of other people have vouched that my public PGP key really does belong to me, then they know that the file they downloaded is official and hasn’t been tampered with and won’t eat their children and/or kittens.

  3. shredtrucks says:

    i always use electric one … quick and easy!

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