It makes me chuckle every time

sno-bot: Greetings, palm hand-helds make terrific gifts, so do digital cameras.
lady customer: Nice price.
customer: Excuse me, could you tell me about this scanner/fax/copier?
sno-bot: NO!
customer: But I want to get it for my brother.
sno-bot: Get him a cell phone.
customer: No, he really wants one of these.
sno-bot: He can’t have her, I love her.
customer: What?
sno-bot: NO NO NO!
(sno-bot and customer fight over machine, customer pulls it away from sno-bot and store clerks run towards sno-bot)
sno-bot: Weeping, weeping

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4 Responses to It makes me chuckle every time

  1. eliggy says:

    I’d never seen this before, but I found a link

    it made me laugh =)

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