“Tell and Show” just doesn’t have the same ring to it

Today I

  • Got some work done on Cobertura. I’ll probably test it at work a little bit on Monday then release 1.1.
  • Bought new climbing shoes. I got Mad Rock Flashes. They were only $60, after my 20% off. And my REI dividend is $136… so I’ve still got $76 left :-) At first I tried on some Mad Rock Loco’s because they had good reviews, but sweet Jesus were they uncomfortable. I don’t think feet are supposed to bend like that.
  • Bought some lightbulbs and replaced 3 of them around the house.
  • Applied some people’s patches to Gaim.
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3 Responses to “Tell and Show” just doesn’t have the same ring to it

  1. modified says:

    Yo he tratado su aplicación de ‘Cobertura’, y trabajó como tu habías prometido.

    That is to say: nicely done on Cobertura. I was actually stunned to see how much test coverage I had on my iTunes app. And by stunned I mean 41% average. Ironic that your own coverage is a little weak? ;) Good going either way.

  2. sobeicedt says:

    Gaim rocks, thanks for your work!

    Just wanted to say thanks alot for all your work on gaim. I started off by using it on windows and recently switched over to Gentoo because of the awesomeness of gaim.

    Thanks again,


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