Two NC Races in the November Election

For those of you who might otherwise vote a straight Republican ticket in NC, I’d like to draw your attention to two races.

State Auditor

An N&O article says this about the Republican candidate: “put on probation in connection with a stalking charge, and also has been accused of refusing to obey orders from police, causing a scene at a concert and threatening a man’s family over money.” To be fair the article also says he “has not been convicted on the criminal charges.” And I guess he has a master’s degree in public administration, which is maybe relevant. But! The Democratic candidate is so much better. Beth Wood has a degree in accounting and is a CPA. She’s the incumbent (first elected in 2008) and before that worked in the state auditor’s office as well as the state treasurer’s office. So she’s experienced and qualified. And political party shouldn’t even really come into play in this office!


Lieutenant Governor

Sure, you might like some of the things Mark Robinson says. He hits a lot of talking points Republicans care about. But he also has no experience in state politics. As a reminder, the lieutenant governor presides over the senate, and I’d argue that he is not qualified to do so. He makes a lot of offensive statements on Facebook, and also says weird things like “The looming pandemic I’m most worried about is SOCIALISM” and “When the TRULY innocent are murdered leftists could care less. In fact, they champion such” and “When will the Crips, Bloods, and Planned Parenthood start believing black lives matter?” He sounds unfocused and angry at everything. He does not sound like someone who would help a legislative body operate more effectively. The Democratic candidate Yvonne Lewis Holley, on the other hand, sounds fine. She has served in the NC house since 2013 so she’s familiar with the legislative process. The issues she cares about demonstrate compassion and I’d argue that that’s a valuable virtue.


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