Camping With Kids

Emily and the kids and I went camping for one night only at Hanging Rock State Park last night. It was good! A lot of work, but I think we all had a good time and it was definitely nice to get out of the house.

I mostly just want to make a record of this so I remember what it was like at their ages. They both did good in the car. They might not have napped at all.

We had a campfire. With s’mores. The marshmallows were especially popular. Three deer meandered through the campsite next to ours. Emily and I thought it was cool. The kids mostly didn’t care. It rained overnight while we were in our tent and we all stayed dry, so it was pleasant without being inconvenient.

Upper Cascades Falls at Hanging Rock State Park

Ruby did a three mile hike yesterday and a one mile hike today, which impressed Emily and I. Edie stumbled a lot and I carried her in our hiking backpack most of the time. Ruby ate pasta out of a bowl without too much trouble. Edie had a hard time holding a bowl without spilling or dropping it.

I’m still very happy with the roof cargo box we bought (Yakima SkyBox 16 Carbonite). Good size. Works well. Super functional. And the built-in roof rails on our Subaru Outback are great, too. I didn’t factor factory roof rails into our decision process when we bought the car but I probably should have.

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