Comcast Hijacking DNS

Comcast has started doing that thing where opening a totally bogus URL in a web browser will send you to a crappy search results page. More information here.

I hate this. Partially because it has the potential to break stuff and I’m the kind of guy who feels that standards exist for a reason. But also because it’s slow. I would rather see either an immediate error page or a Google Search, both of which are faster.

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2 Responses to Comcast Hijacking DNS

  1. amienowheels says:

    and WHY does it take TWO business days to disable this. MY GOD.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There’s also the small issue that many people, who are not as knowledgeable as ourselves in these matters, will see the bogus search page and think that they’ve actually reached the site they wanted. They might even type in their passwords and stuff. I have a coworker who always falls for these things.

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