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I saw a Ford GT while biking today. That’s the second one I’ve ever seen. I saw the first one a year and a half ago, in the same area (near the corner of Sand Hill Rd and Junipero Serra Blvd in Palo Alto, CA, USA). The two cars were painted the same (white with two thick blue stripes running along the top from front to back), so it’s possible it was the same car. According to Wikipedia there were only 4038 Ford GTs produced, and MSRP was $139,995.

One of the reasons I like biking in that area is because there are usually luxury sports cars driving around. Another reason is because the Santa Cruz mountains are beautiful. There’s usually a cool fog flowing through the lush underbrush, the coast redwoods, and the eucalyptus.

Once when I was biking in NC a cop drove past me in the opposite direction, and I instinctively looked down at my speedometer to check how fast I was going. It made me chuckle.

Sweet Tea is pretty awesome, but you don’t come across it too much in California. But I’ve been introduced to Pearl Milk Tea (also called Bubble Tea). It’s a beverage that’s created by taking your standard black or green tea, mixing in flavored sugary syrup, optionally mixing in milk, and optionally mixing in little tapioca balls. At first I thought the tapioca balls were nasty, but they’ve kinda grown on me, probably because they’re soaked in sugar. I recently got a vanilla black tea (no milk) with pearls, and it reminded me a lot of sweet tea. If you’re a fellow southeast to west coast transplant you should try it. They probably have it in New York, too.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    sweet tea

    When we were visiting Sacramento in March, we found sweet tea at one restaurant — Chick Fil A! If you ever need a fix, you should go there. Lisa

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