Dear Blog

I’ve been crazy busy. Here are some bullet points:

  • Finished a version of meebo that uses libpurple 2.4.1. Up until now we’ve been using Gaim 1.5.0. The new code is very stable, it just needs a few bug fixes and lots more testing. But it’s so much cleaner. I spent a little over 70 hours working on this the week of March 31st. And I’ve probably spent around 600 hours working on this since I started on December 22nd, 2007.
  • Wrote an IM program for the Google Android platform, with help from Jim from Meebo. Google Android is an open application platform for cell phones. Android phones aren’t out yet, but they will probably start coming available late this year. We submitted this to the Android Developer Challenge. I’ll write more about this later. Combined Jim and I probably spent around 120 hours working on this.
  • Went bouldering last week at Bishop with Emily, Toro, Sandy, and some other people from the Sunnyvale Planet Granite climbing gym. I absolutely love the Happy Boulders and the Sad Boulders. We also went to the Buttermilks, but I can do without those. The bouldering was good, and the company was great, but holy cow I could do without the insane wind and sand and ground that you can’t hammer a tent stake into.

    Sandy bouldering at The Buttermilks
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