UPS lost package

I ordered some CDs from Amazon that were supposed to be delivered on the 10th of December. But UPS delivered them to 107 Mary Ave apartment #5555 instead of 113 Mary Ave apartment #5555. So that night I filled out a “report a lost package” form on their website. I got a phone call on the 12th that went something like this:

UPS guy: Hello Mark, a package was shipped to you at
113 Your St. apartment #5555.  I'm showing
that this package was delivered to 107 Your St.
apartment #5555.  Do you see any problems
with that?
Me:      Uh, yeah, it sounds like you delivered it to the wrong address.
UPS guy: Oh, yes, you're right.  Would you like us to try to recover that package?
Me:      Um yes.

Ten days later (on the 22nd) I hadn’t heard anything back from them so I sent them a message on their web site and asked, “Have you been able to recover the package? Is there any ETA on when that will happen? And if that’s not possible, what are the steps for you to reimburse the shipper of the package so they can send me another one?”

Four days later (on the 26th) I got this response, “Our records indicate the package was misdelivered. However, the shipper of record, Amazon, is responsible for intiating the tracer investigation. Please contact your shipper to initiate this tracer investigation.”

WTF? So what’s the point of the “report a lost package” form? I contacted Amazon and they overnighted me a new shipment which arrived on the 28th.

Moral of the story? Amazon is freaking incredible, parts of UPS are ridiculously incompetent. I complain a lot, but I just had my car stolen so I think that’s allowed.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I am not too fond of UPS either. Like when they delivered my power supply and Arun’s DV tapes to that sketchy guy in the duplex behind our crest road apt.
    What CDs did you order?


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