Stuff is compiling…

…so I might as well write a blog post. I exist on the following social networks. Add me for a good time!

  • Facebook – Facebook is crazy popular.
  • LinkedIn – It’s an online resume!
  • – It keeps track of music you’ve listened to and shows which artists you listen to the most, etc. I joined last week. Mostly just because I think it’s kinda neat.

I’m lame and didn’t go to NC at the same time as Emily. Instead I’ve been bumming around our apartment, cleaning stuff, running, watching movies, and coding like there’s no tomorrow. So far I’ve watched Double Team, The Terminator, Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift and The Siege.

The Terminator is such an awesome movie. Even the theme song is great.

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  1. Mark Doliner says:

    Ohhhh nothing exciting. Stuff for work that I wanted a large block of time to work on when no one else would be working on stuff.

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