Has anyone seen the movie The Muse? I have, but I don’t remember if I liked it or not. Or really anything about it.

I recorded the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie Double Impact (not to be confused with the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie Double Team, co-staring Dennis Rodman who plays a “flamboyant arms dealer”) a few days ago. There’s this one scene oh my God it’s so hilarious, he’s wearing a blue spandex body suit and he’s talking to a bunch of exercisey girls and he’s like, “because of my big legs, and karate, I can do the splits nooooo problem,” and then falls into a split. It’s so funny. Oh holy crap it’s on YouTube. Ok you have to watch this.

Emily and I went on a day trip to Las Vegas last weekend. We flew Virgin Atlantic, which was cheap, but sadly they didn’t have their in-flight entertainment stuff working yet :-( In Vegas we wandered around some, played some penny slots, tried to learn how to play craps, and saw the Cirque du Soleil show Ka (those cats don’t mess around).

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  1. I’ve seen The Muse, didn’t like anything about it really. Now that Double Impact clip, that’s another story.

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