In the middle of last week a few meebo employees made an afternoon run to the local Fry’s to buy about 10 USB web cams. Why? Because we added voice and video chatting to meebo (with the help of a few partner companies) and we needed to test it. If you have a web cam and/or a microphone and you want to voice or video chat with them and you’re logged into meebo, open an IM window with that person and click the rocket ship icon.

The audio/video aspect uses Flash Player. We’re not compatible with the voice/video offerings of the various IM networks, but instead have a platform API thingy built on top of our rooms infrastructure. We partnered with four other companies who actually handle the bulk of the voice and video interaction.

I personally didn’t contributed a whole lot to this release. I’ve been working on some crazy Jabber server changes in the background to keep things running smoothly.

Anyway, I thought it was neat.

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