Pretty Little Policemen In a Row

I’ve felt pretty blah the past few days. Or maybe the past week. I thought it appropriate to write a blog entry up in this piece, in true LJ style. No! Uh, I’ve bought some CDs the past few months:

Angelfish, Angelfish – This is the band that Shirly Manson was in before she joined Garbage. It’s pretty good. I think I like Garbage a little more, but this isn’t bad. It’s a little more on the rock side and a little less on the electronic side.

Best of College Acapella 2005 – I’d been listening to All Things Acapella on WKNC on Sunday mornings when possible. But I haven’t been able to do that since I moved here so I up and bought a CD. It has covers of Everlong by Foo Fighters, The Way You Move by Outkast, Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt, Push It by Garbage, Run by Collective Soul, Mona Lisa by Guster, Hey Ya by Outkast, and She Will be Love by Maroon Five. Don’t worry, I’m not gay.

Garbage, Bleed Like Me – I was in the mood to hear some music by Garbage, so I bought this. I like it. It’s very typical Garbage. The songs aren’t quite as good as I’m Only Happy When it Rains or Cherry Lips, but they’re still very listen-toable.

Green Day, International Superhits – I really like Green Day but I didn’t actually own any of their albums. Now I do.

Guster, Ganging Up On The Sun – Honestly I haven’t listened to this very much. I should listen to it more… but it doesn’t really stand out to me. The songs all seem a little, I don’t know, too even. I miss the rawness and uniqueness of earlier Guster albums.

Madonna, American Life – I like most of Madonna’s music. I’m not a huge fan of this CD. It’s similar to Music, but I think I like it just a little less. The electronic aspects of it are a bit too harsh for me.

Madonna, Confessions on a Dance Floor – I love this CD. It’s very dance musicy. The electronic aspects are a bit softer than on American Life and Music. I like how all the songs overlap.

Nelly Furtado, Loose – It’s not bad. I like earlier Nelly Furtado albums better.

Republica, Republica – They had that one hit wonder “Ready to Go.” I like that song a lot. The other songs on the CD aren’t great, but I don’t mind listening to it.

Richie Valens, Greatest Hits – I used to listen to my dad’s Richie Valens record when I was growing up and I liked it. I like this CD.

Stars – Set Yourself on Fire – Fantastic. It doesn’t exactly get me pumped up, and is therefore not good programming music, but it’s a very pleasing album.

Styrofoam, Nothing’s Lost – Fantastic. I especially like the two songs from the mix CDs (Misguided and Couches in Alleys), but the other songs are good too.

Yellowcard, Lights and Sounds – For some reason they remind me of Jimmy Eat World. Their sound is not as diverse though.

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