Obligatory Update

Hi. Nothing new here. I’m working between 9 and 11 hours a day. I climb Tuesday and Friday nights. I play ultimate for 4 hours on Saturday afternoon. I go biking for 4 to 5 hours every other Sunday. I eat big lunches care of meebo. And in between all of that I work on Gaim or watch TV or movies.

Recent Movies:
Touch of Evil staring Orson Welles and Charlton Heston. I liked it. Orson Welles’ camera shots are great. They’ve very sweeping. I liked Charlton Heston’s character.

Stargate staring Kurt Russell and James Spader. I’d seen this before and I really like it. The story is so fun and creative for Sci-Fi. It could be a litlte less cheesy at times. In particular, French Stewart should be completely edited out.

Shackleton. Ugh, not what I was expecting. I feel like this was made for proper ladies in the 1820s who would be scared by explosions or really anything that isn’t lame.

Dune. Patrick Stewart and Sting are both in it, so I thought it’d be better. But ugh, I found it somewhat tedious. There are some aspects which are very neat, but the movie felt like it had a lot of holes and also a lot of unnecessary scenes and storylines. Like they couldn’t decide what the movie was about when they were editing it.

V for Vendetta. Much better than I was expecting. It’s certainly entertaining, and actually somewhat artistic. I liked that it tries to depict why and how the government is bad instead of just telling people that the government is bad and then trying to overthrow it or whatever.

The Omega Man. I don’t know why this movie was made.

The Man Who Knew Too Much, Alfred Hitchcock movie with James Stewart and Doris Day. I liked it. I wouldn’t say it’s a masterpiece. I think I liked Rear Window better. James Stewart is really cool, though.

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  1. terror_firma says:

    They made “The Omega Man” because “I am Legend” is a great book.

    Too bad they tossed the plot out when they converted it to movie form.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You should get the SciFi Channel’s Children of Dune series if you really want to be bored out of your mind. Dune is kind of like LOTR in that there’s hundreds of characters and families and you forget who’s who by the time it goes anywhere. I like Dune because it’s weird.

  3. V for Vendetta was pretty decent. There were parts where they were trying too hard but overall it was alright.

  4. gdoliner says:


    don’t knock dune bro! One of the greatest and most influential sci-fi movies of all time. Without the plot or characters the movie is amazing, the sets are beautiful the costumes amazingly detailed. I haven’t read any of the books, and they’ve been on my list for some time, but its an EPIC story, which is always difficult to transfer to the big screen in two hours. Watch it a few more times, you’ll like it more and more. Also it helps to watch the Frank Herbert’s Dune mini-series which aired on sci-fi, there is more back story and a little more character development there.

    The plot is a little complex, but I think they did about as good as they could have in the movie. Its just hard to follow some of it because you have to learn the mythology at the same time you are following the story, and you can get lost.

    Tedious- a bit, can’t argue there, the middle part of the movie plods along a bit, but you gotta remember, he was out in that desert for years…


  5. Anonymous says:

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