Is Arun ok?

This is probably not the best way to get information.

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  1. whatsupdawgs says:

    For those who are curious why:
    (Coup in Thailand.)

    Anyway, from the news reports, it looks like there’s a heavy military presence everywhere, but that the state of affairs is safe and calm. Let’s hope things stay that way.

  2. benllawson says:

    I totally forgot Arun was in Thailand. I even thought to myself “Do I know anyone in Thailand right now? No. Good.” What the hell am I smoking? Arun, come home!

  3. whatsupdawgs says:

    So I checked the US Embassy site in Thailand. They don’t seem to consider it a major danger:

    The military has deployed troops around key government facilities and other strategic locations around Bangkok.

    There are no indications of any violence at this point.

    We advise all American Citizens to continue to monitor the situation closely, avoid any large gatherings and exercise discretion when moving about the city.

    At this point, we are not advising Americans to leave Thailand; however, Americans planning to travel to Thailand may wish to carefully consider their options before traveling until the situation becomes clearer.

    That’s a good sign.

  4. cpandar says:

    I’d feel a lot better if I wasn’t 100% sure that right now our friend Arun is out doing something completely retarded.

  5. arun_wright says:

    aw man, you guys are great! i got an email too. i’m sure most of you were on there, but just to be complete, here’s my response.

    hey guys,

    still kicking.

    as i’m sure you’ve heard by now, the coup passed peacefully. the mils decided to take power, the king supported their move, and everyone in thailand supports the king, so, easy. easiest coup evar.

    nothing in thailand really changed. unless you were IN bangkok night before last, you wouldn’t have known about anything. we were on a night train from the south getting into bangkok the morning after the coup, and by the time we got there (5AM) everything had been resolved and everything was pretty normal. we wouldn’t have even known about it if my dad hadn’t called in the middle of the night while we were on the train ;-)

    so yeah, thailand is still thailand. maybe people will be a little less divided over the government now, though. i didn’t really like thaksin either, he seemed like he was overstepping his limits quite a bit. let’s hope the new mil government follows through with their promises of a civilian temp PM and elections within a year…

    see you guys soon. i fly from thailand to london on the 29th of sept, and back to NC on the 11th of october. soon soon!


    ps: thanks for caring :-) i love you guys too!

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