Flat Tire

…is the name of the second track on the Athenaeum album Radiance. It’s also something that happened to my bike yesterday. I noticed it as I was leaving work, and I didn’t have my spare tire stuff with me, so I just walked the mile and a half home. Somehow I managed to go two and a half years without having to replace a tube; is that uncommon? I’m so out of practice… taking the tire off is such a pain. But it’s all better now.

A typical weekday for me goes something like this: wake up between 8 or 9. Take a shower, eat breakfast, check email, ride bike to work. People usually arrive at Meebo between 9 and 10. We work until 12:30ish, then we place a take-out order somewhere and Andrea is awesome and picks up our food and we eat in the office. Then we continue working until maybe 7 or 8pm on average.

Ride home and eat something while watching something on TV that doesn’t involve my brain. I usually eat a combination of pasta, fruit, yogurt, granola, rice cakes, granola bars, apple juice, bananas, chips and salsa, and cookies. And recently I’ve been watching the Tour de France.

Then I might check my email, do a little work on Gaim, etc. And I usually go to sleep sometime between midnight and 2am.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    Sounds busy! You should mix in some food for dinner every now and then!


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