Hello Little One

Today at work I started laughing to myself thinking about Owen Wilson. His voice is so funny. Does Owen Wilson make anyone else laugh? I mean, he doesn’t even have to DO anything.

I really do plan to put up the pictures from our cross country trip… I should be done organizing stuff tonight. It’ll probably take a few hours to upload (because my camera takes 3MB pictures).

Oh, I guess this is my first web log entry since I started working, huh? Meebo is good. The three days I’ve worked have been between 8 and 11 hours, I think. But it’s really not bad, time goes by pretty quickly. I fixed two bugs that were in the internal bug tracker. They ended up being, minor bugs in Gaim, which I guess is why I was able to fix them, which I guess is one of the reasons they hired me.

I feel like I’ve been eating too much recently. I need to buy more fruit and yogurt and some granola.

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