Cars in the Bay Area

The cars in this area are definitely a bit nicer than in Raleigh. The average level of carness tends to be a bit newer, a bit cleaner, and a bit more luxurious (more Lexus and BMWs, fewer Kias, etc). There are also a lot more Porsche 911s and BMW M3s. There are also more Audi S4 and S6s, and Mercedes AMG class cars.

Last night I saw either a Ferrari 360 Modena or an F430 (probably the former) parked in a valet spot outside of a restaurant. A few days ago I saw an older T-top Nissan 300ZX, that was pretty cool.

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5 Responses to Cars in the Bay Area

  1. eliggy says:

    did you feel an earthquake this morning?

  2. arun_wright says:

    i saw a datsun 240Z here in thailand the other day. it’s the first Z car i’ve seen in a month!

    also, there are a very large number of VW beetles (the old ones) in perfect condition. maybe it’s the weather, i dunno, but these cars look new. crazy.

    • Mark Doliner says:

      That’s awesome. They might have continued selling VM beetles for more years in Thailand after they discontinued them here. I’ve been thinking that I’ve been seeing a lot fewer of them here than when we were younger.

      • arun_wright says:

        that’s a good point, you definitely could be right about them continuing to sell them in thailand after the US.

        also, the ones you do see now-a-days in the US are still a little worn, even if they’ve been done up again. it’s such a stark difference from the ones here, which look like they’re only 5-8 years old.

        i’ll try to take some pictures of a couple so you can see what i mean.

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