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A real bed!

My mattress was delivered today! Finally I get to sleep on a real bed! I watched The Great Escape a few days ago. It’s a really great movie. I feel like it appeals to a very large audience. I also … Continue reading

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Bits, bytes and nibbles

Climbing I’ve climbed at both of the Planet Granite gyms in my area–the new one in Sunnyvale and the old one in Belmont. The two gyms are similar. I think the wall surface is structured from plywood and two-by-fours, then … Continue reading

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Triple Ahhhh!

If you anticipate renting a moving truck from Penske, you might want to consider getting a AAA membership. Aparently it’s only $49, and I think it paid for itself with the discount for my rental truck. You can also get … Continue reading

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I’m going to interview myself. Ready? Go! Mark: What’s it like to work at Meebo? Mark: It’s nice. I feel like I fit in here more than I did at SAS (not that I didn’t fit in at SAS, just … Continue reading

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New Computer Parts

I bought a dual core Athlon 64 X2 4400+ and 2 more gigs of RAM. It’s probably overkill… but I want to set up some virtual PCs that will computer Gaim using CruiseControl and post the results online. I would … Continue reading

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“You know how they make packing peanuts that you can add water to and they sort of disolve? A lot of people don’t know this, but you can add gasoline to the normal packing peanuts and they’ll disolve.” This is … Continue reading

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Cross-country trip pictures!

Pictures! Some of the pictures have descriptions (below the actual image) that describe what we did a little bit.

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Cars in the Bay Area

The cars in this area are definitely a bit nicer than in Raleigh. The average level of carness tends to be a bit newer, a bit cleaner, and a bit more luxurious (more Lexus and BMWs, fewer Kias, etc). There … Continue reading

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