I’m going to interview myself. Ready? Go!

Mark: What’s it like to work at Meebo?
Mark: It’s nice. I feel like I fit in here more than I did at SAS (not that I didn’t fit in at SAS, just that I fit in more at Meebo).

M: Ha ha, ok. So you like the job so far?
M: Absolutely. Development is much more mind-usinging than testing. Especially development at a small company. It’s much easier to do stuff and feel like you’re making a difference. I need to try remember to take more initiative, though.

M: How do you like California, so far?
M: Well I think their DMV is worse than the NC DMV (I wouldn’t have thought it was possible either, but after waiting in line for 2 hours and 45 minutes just to get a license and register my car in CA, I’m a believer). The weather is hella tight. It’ll get hot during the day (80s), but it cools off very quickly at night, and opening the windows of my apartment is extremely effective.

M: Is there anything you miss about NC?
M: Emily!

M: Ok, we’re running out of time. So you have any words for the listeners?
M: Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker.

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  1. eliggy says:

    I saw someone using Meebo in the library today!

    I liked the interview, I’m glad I got to hear Mark’s responses. But the interviewer sucked.

  2. benllawson says:

    Phew! Mark, I’m glad we arranged that “code” so that when you say you miss Emily, you’re really talking about me. My feelings would have been really hurt.

  3. Anonymous says:


    brilliant interview money, you are in the wrong profession, go be a journalist.

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