On the GPLv3, conference, and Boston

This is unrelated, but you can download lots of Underworld songs at UnderworldLive.com. You have to register as a member or whatever, but it’s free (at least, I think it was…)

Personally I like all the changes in the initial draft of version 3 of the GPL. The DRM restriction… I don’t know, it seems like it’s going to be controversial among some companies using GPLed software for various stuff.

I got to meet Mark Spencer and Warren Togami. That was pretty cool. Richard Stallman plays with his hair a lot. Apple laptops are very popular among people who contribute to free software.

The conference was pretty cool… I thought RMS and Eben Moglen did a good job explaining the changes, and I think the rest of the Free Software Foundation has done a good job of creating a process for refining the GPLv3 draft (see http://gplv3.fsf.org/).

Boston is pretty cool. There’s some neatly architected buildings. The weather wasn’t too bad. MIT was smaller than I expected (it wasn’t small or anything… just smaller than I expected). Subways make cities feel more city-like. Public transportation is scary (“I didn’t just get on in the wrong direction, did I?!”).

I put some pictures on my Flickr account. Nothing interesting at all, though.

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  1. arun_wright says:

    right. should have read this first.

  2. so, Emily said you went to Boston and Gaim paid for it. How does Gaim have money? (I mean this as a serious question; I never know if my typing comes across as sarcastic or not.)

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